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Cerebrospinal Fluid Otorrhea  


  • Discharge of cerebrospinal fluid through the external auditory meatus or through the eustachian tube into the nasopharynx. This is usually associated with CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA (e.g., SKULL FRACTURE involving the TEMPORAL BONE;), NEUROSURGICAL PROCEDURES; or other conditions, but may rarely occur spontaneously. (From Am J Otol 1995 Nov;16(6):765-71)

Broader concept(s)


  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Otorrheas
  • Cerebrospinal Otorrhea
  • Otorrhea, Cerebrospinal Fluid

In other languages

  • French

  • Otorrhée cérébro-spinale
  • Otorrhée de LCR
  • Otorrhée de LCS
  • Otorrhée de liquide céphalo-rachidien
  • Otorrhée de liquide céphalorachidien
  • Otorrhée de liquide cérébrospinal


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