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Embryonic Structures > Embryo, Mammalian > Extraembryonic Membranes
Tissues > Membranes > Extraembryonic Membranes

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Extraembryonic Membranes  


  • The thin layers of tissue that surround the developing embryo. There are four extra-embryonic membranes commonly found in VERTEBRATES, such as REPTILES; BIRDS; and MAMMALS. They are the YOLK SAC, the ALLANTOIS, the AMNION, and the CHORION. These membranes provide protection and means to transport nutrients and wastes.

Broader concept(s)


  • Extra-Embryonic Membrane
  • Extraembryonic Membrane
  • Extra Embryonic Membranes
  • Extra-Embryonic Membranes
  • Membranes, Extraembryonic

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