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Test des rosettes  


  • The in vitro formation of clusters consisting of a cell (usually a lymphocyte) surrounded by antigenic cells or antigen-bearing particles (usually erythrocytes, which may or may not be coated with antibody or antibody and complement). The rosette-forming cell may be an antibody-forming cell, a memory cell, a T-cell, a cell bearing surface cytophilic antibodies, or a monocyte possessing Fc receptors. Rosette formation can be used to identify specific populations of these cells.

Concept(s) générique(s)


  • Immuno-cyto-adhérence
  • Immunocytoadhérence


  • anglais

  • Formation, Rosette
  • Immunocytoadherence
  • Immunocytoadherences
  • Rosette Formations


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