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disposition > cognition > memory > short-term memory

Preferred term

short-term memory  


  • Storage system of information with a limited capacity, a short duration (a few seconds) and a fast deterioration of its content.

Broader concept(s)


  • active memory
  • echo box
  • immediate memory
  • primary memory
  • short-term retention
  • short-term storage
  • short-term store
  • STM

Belongs to group


  • Frank Arnould

Bibliographic citation(s)

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Dataset citation(s)

  • • Oberauer, K. (2021, October 18). Benchmarks for Models of Short Term and Working Memory.

In other languages

  • French

  • boite d’écho
  • compartiment à court terme
  • magasin à court terme
  • mémoire active
  • mémoire immédiate
  • mémoire primaire
  • rétention à court terme
  • stockage à court terme


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