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phenomenon > memory phenomenon > distributed practice effect

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distributed practice effect  


  • Better memory for items learned with distributed practice than with massed practice. In other words, In other words, it is more effective to learn a material over several shorter sessions than over a single long session.

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  • • Cepeda, N. J., Pashler, H., Vul, E., Wixted, J. T., & Rohrer, D. (2006). Distributed practice in verbal recall tasks : A review and quantitative synthesis. Psychological Bulletin, 132(3), 354‑380. doi:10.1037/0033-2909.132.3.354
  • • Gerbier, É., & Koenig, O. (2015). Comment les intervalles temporels entre les répétitions d’une information en influencent-ils la mémorisation ? Revue théorique des effets de pratique distribuée. L’Année Psychologique, 115(3), 435–462. doi:10.4074/S0003503315000159


  • Frank Arnould

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